Land transformation

For the last few weeks we've been working on the ground work: installing the driveway, carving walking paths, building planting beds... it's all the fun stuff most people run out of money for by the end of the project. Our phase one of landscaping is pretty scrappy. I call it the working prototype. Some things … Continue reading Land transformation

Interior details Part 1

We moved in! Still plenty of little details to work out and furnishing to install and art to hang, but... that will come with time. Here's some detail shots showing the beautiful textures and colors throughout the M House. American Clay: Painted Desert, tile: Fireclay American Clay: Wild Horse Smoketransition from Snow Canyon to Rio … Continue reading Interior details Part 1

Progress Update: Interior Clay Plaster

The virtues of clay plaster extend into far beyond what originally drew Graeme and I in. I've always loved the smooth, earthy texture and feel of it. It's natural, non-toxic, and chemical free. It's porosity is a nice companion to our breathable Blox. Clays are hygroscopic – they absorb moisture if humidity is high, hold … Continue reading Progress Update: Interior Clay Plaster

Weatherproofing, air and vapor barriers

In an excellent article titled "Understanding Vapor Barriers", the author puts it this way: Two seemingly simple requirements for building enclosures bedevil engineers and architects almost endlessly: 1) keep water out 2) Let water out if it gets inJoseph Lstiburek I'll add a third requirement, which seems equally as critical when evaluating the 'vapor profile' … Continue reading Weatherproofing, air and vapor barriers

Progress Update: interior plaster work begins

No regrets. It's stunning. This room has a combination of the exterior and interior walls. first layer of base plaster. Scored, ready for smooth coat No doubt that this is labor intensive. The plaster line items comprises a massive part of our budget. But we spend a lot less in other materials and labor elsewhere. … Continue reading Progress Update: interior plaster work begins