Progress Update: Interior Clay Plaster

The virtues of clay plaster extend into far beyond what originally drew Graeme and I in. I’ve always loved the smooth, earthy texture and feel of it. It’s natural, non-toxic, and chemical free. It’s porosity is a nice companion to our breathable Blox. Clays are hygroscopic – they absorb moisture if humidity is high, hold it without being damaged, and when humidity falls, release moisture back to the air. Thus, they minimize damp and moulds caused by condensation. Clay is loaded with negative ions, which is said to have a calming affect (and loads of other health benefits). It is easy to patch and rework over time, as desired. Color pigments are added directly into the clay, so that it is integral rather than surface level. This eliminates the need to repaint year after year, for better or worse. It reflects and absorbs light in very interesting ways. It dampens sound. Its imperfections add to its beauty. Wabi sabi. I’m sure we’ll continue to learn as we go and I’m excited to share it with all of my guests.

Plasterer, Jess, teaches me how to use the trowel to smooth the clay.
You can see how the clay plaster dries over time

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